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BLOG: Seagate cooks up game-changing cloud storage hardware

Serdar Yegulalp | Oct. 28, 2013
Seagate wants to pare down cloud storage to Ethernet-attached drives, but it'll take a long time, a lot of work

Again, tossing out the entire storage layer as we know it is a colossal project. There isn't even a date set for when the hardware itself will be available to testers, let alone vendors or end-users. And the costs of moving to such hardware in the long run can't be ignored -—including the sunk costs of ditching so much existing legacy storage. (There's no word on if existing drives could be retrofit to use this system; I don't think it's likely.)

All this leaves a wide margin of time to see whether or not Seagate's new game-changer really will change any games. But the bare outlines of the idea alone are tantalizing.


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