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BLOG: Pure Storage 2014 Predictions: The Need for Responsiveness and Mobility

Michael Cornwell, Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, Pure Storage | Nov. 14, 2013
There a number of trends which are driving the adoption of flash storage technologies including the need to leverage enterprise data better, enable better enterprise performance or to speed customer initiatives.

There a number of trends which are driving the adoption of flash storage technologies including the need to leverage enterprise data better, enable better enterprise performance or to speed customer initiatives.  Customers, in general are looking to flash storage technologies for:
Instant Access:  A key driver is expected service delivery.  Google search and Facebook are driven by the performance of flash in their infrastructures to deliver the new and better services to their customers.  This in turn has meant that CIO and business leaders have been spoiled with instant access in their personal lives thanks to technologies like Google's instant search where your search results are delivered as you type them or Facebook instant access to photos and lives of their friends and family.  They are demanding the same instant access in their information systems to drive more value in their business, and this instant access will be driven by the adoption of flash storage technology. 

Mobility Enablement: We know enterprises are becoming more mobile, and their staff demanding access to data and choice of device.  For many years, the promise of replacing the desktop computer with a thin client or bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives have been difficult for IT professionals to implement in large scale due to cost and complexity effects on storage. Many projects never make it out of the pilot phase (perhaps only hundreds of users) due to performance, power and space limitations of the legacy storage in their datacenters.  The performance, power and space reductions of flash technologies are the key enablers for solving virtual desktop scalability issues like this. With ten times the performance, with one tenth the space and power, coupled with data reduction techniques to increase the capacity and reduce storage cost, flash storage technologies will enable broad adoption of virtual desktops in enterprise with scalability to thousands of desktops with simplicity. 
Asia as a Primary Growth Market
Asia has been a big contributor to our record global growth. We have been surprised by the rapid adoption of flash storage.  A lot of this adoption is driven by the fact that Asian technology buyers are really motivated by return on investment, and so they see that our product offers real value.  We see demand from all over the region.  Singapore is great market for us as many multinational and financial services companies have relocated their IT leadership and technology decision makers to Singapore.  Customers we are engaged with in Singapore often are not only making the storage decision for Asia but for the rest of the world.  But we also see demand from non-traditional markets:  Vietnam was one of the first markets where we started to see demand from customers while New Zealand customers are swapping out disk for flash at a impressive rate. 

Emerging markets definitely have the ability to learn from the technology decisions that have been made by their more developed neighbors. I think where "late-comers" to flash storage technologies will be able to enjoy the advantage of more use cases where early entrants have used in innovative and interesting ways to drive the business forward.  We're only beginning to see great ways to use storage to drive the business performance. 

In terms of sector areas, the education vertical has been one of the fastest adopters of flash.  The reason for this is ROI on technology spend, pure and simple.  Schools no longer need to purchase and loan computers to students.  These institutions are seeing huge cost savings by simply providing a virtual desktop for learning with software that students can use on their existing tablets or phones. 

Infrastructure as a Service providers are also looking to flash. Asia is unique. The region possesses the communication infrastructure to enable enterprises to consolidate their datacenter infrastructure without significant costs, with managed service providers in the region. These managed service providers are able to deliver better SLAs at a lower cost to the customer with the emergence of all-flash managed services, which we help power.  Flash storage, with the benefits of low latency and data reduction at the price of legacy storage is a true differentiator. Our customers are seeing a true competitive advantage.
New Perspective on IT ROI - Value Enablement versus IOPS and Cost per GB
A key breakthrough for Pure, and the reason we're the fastest growing storage company in the world, is the ability to offer customers the benefits of all-flash storage at the price of their traditional enterprise disk systems.  With Pure, for example, the simplicity, ease of management and quality of support encourages users who may initially only purchase a single box to migrate more and more of their storage to all-flash until there is no disk left in their datacenters.  Storage is no longer thought of in IOPS and cost per gigabytes but as a limiter or enabler of value to a customer business.  This goes beyond TCO models and looks at how business perform better on all-flash. The benefits:  more productivity for employees, quicker and easier deployments of applications, and new and better service to customers purely driven by all-flash storage.  


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