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BLOG: Privacy plays an important part in cloud predictions for 2014

Ms Smith (Network World) | Dec. 19, 2013
It's the time of year for cybersecurity predictions and privacy protections from NSA surveillance play a major role in forecasting what cloud service to trust in 2014.

Government spying may be why Lior Arbel, CTO of Performanta Ltd, predicted that split key encryption will become more popular in 2014. "The encryption key is split in two, one half held by the provider and one by the customer meaning that the customer's database can only be accessed [by the provider and/or the NSA] with their active participation."

A few words of warning:

When it comes to who you choose to hold onto your data in the cloud, you can't simply trust a company because it throws around the word privacy. Privacy is a very popular buzzword right now thanks to NSA surveillance pushback. For example, named privacy as the 2013 word of the year; however, I don't recommend you go read about it as the site sets 90 cookies, which morph into 198 cookies, and also connects a visitor to 35 third-party sites, according to The Washington Post. (Writers really have no control over a site's cookies though.) But since the "NSA piggybacks on commercial tracking practices to enable surveillance and exploitation practices,'s choice of privacy and its citing of the 'Edward Snowden scandal' is all the more interesting."

Source: Network World


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