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BLOG: Pixelmator costs $15 and does 95% of the stuff we use Photoshop for

Mark Gibbs | May 24, 2013
Gibbs corrects his comments about the availability of Adobe's CS6, recommends Pixelmator to replace most of what you want Photoshop for, and suggests the Button TrackR to help you find your keys

So, now that I'm incredibly old, I need glasses (actually, I have needed them for years) and I lose them more often than anything except my keys. I just found a product that could keep my keys from wandering away (though, alas, not my spectacles).

The product is the Button TrackR from Phone Halo. The Button TrackR is an Indiegogo project that delivers a low power Bluetooth-enabled device that works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, new iPad, iPad mini, new iPod Touch, Samsung Android 4.0 devices, and Android 4.3 devices.

The basic idea is that the Button TrackR buttons, which are about the size of a quarter (about 1 inch in diameter and just over 0.16 inches thick), communicate with a free Android or iOS app. You can attach them to your keys, your bike, even your dog and, when the button loses contact with the app, an alarm is sounded or, alternatively, the app can be used to find a button. You can also have a button found via crowdsourcing; when a button you own and that you have set as "lost" comes in range of someone with the Button TrackR app, you'll get a push notification.

The buttons can also be triggered by the app to sound a beep and the buttons have their own built-in buttons that, when pressed, cause your phone to ring. The app also remembers the last time and location where it contacted one of your buttons and drops a pin on a map.

The iOS apps can track up to 10 buttons each and the target price for the first generation of Button TrackR buttons will cost about $50 each.

The Indiegogo campaign had a goal of $15,000 and to date, with 21 days to go (the campaign closes on June 11 at 11:59 pm PT), they've got $59,349 in pledges. Way to go!

The company tells me that the button could, with custom electronics, be priced as low as $5 each but they'd need an investment of around $500,000 for the custom silicon. Given that that is a drop in the ocean for all you Silicon Valley moguls might I suggest you consider a small investment in a company that's got some real potential.

Then maybe they could also shrink the buttons down to size then I could clip one on my glasses so I'd no longer lose them. Of course, I'd have to have my glasses to find my iPhone so I could find my glasses ...



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