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BLOG: New BlackBerry Chief's open letter is same old song and dance

Al Sacco | Nov. 18, 2013
BlackBerry's new chief penned an open letter to the company's users, urging them to keep the faith. But's Al Sacco says Chen needs to put his money where his pen is.

I've been hard on BlackBerry in recent days, maybe too hard, but that's because I care. And I've been burned too many times. Like the sibling or child who keeps messing up no matter how hard you wish they'd get it together, BlackBerry just keeps on talking the talking without waltzing the waltz. It's a waltz I want to watch at this point; I'm sick of the talk.

BlackBerry's recent launch of cross-platform BBM was an inarguable success, and the one positive thing I can come up with right now. I give the company credit. But it remains to be seen just how BBM will fit into the busy messaging space, if at all, so I'm not marking it up as a win just yet.

I wish Mr. Chen would explain why he feels "excited" in his letter. I know plenty of folks who'd also want to know.

Just yesterday, I reached out to BlackBerry PR and requested a conversation with Mr. Chen. I expected the response I got: "[G]ood to know you're interested in speaking with John. It's duly noted, and when/if we get John out there with press I'll put in your request. For now, please stay tuned on that."

I'm not holding my breath.

As is, BlackBerry hasn't really given me any reason to be "excited about the future," at least as it pertains to the company. Maybe Mr. Chen will read this and decide he'd like to explain.


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