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BLOG: Leadership and the art of managing talent

Gyan Nagpal | Feb. 5, 2013
There are several core reasons why organisations across industry and geography are struggling to get their talent recipe to work.

Amplifying the largely external trends above, organisations too have been unable to craft a credible response. We have all been guilty of throwing disparate processes, programmes and best practices at the problem, hoping something sticks. The truth is that very few organisations have been able to craft a strategic response to a rapidly changing talent landscape.

Reboot Button

If there ever was a moment to press the reboot button on a reactive agenda- this is it. What we need instead is deeper diagnosis which helps us get ahead of talent trends. By studying how the workforce is changing, we can build a proactive talent strategy. One which balances short term "binge and purge" tendencies with long term talent pipeline development. Or for that matter, talent strategy which balances global ambition with the vastly divergent ground realities in Sao Paolo, Seville or Singapore.

In the future, the data tells us, this war for talent will get considerably worse. Because while the global circumstances for business are converging, the three-billion-strong global workforce isn't. In some places, it is ageing rapidly, in others, social, cultural or language barriers are holding talent back. And in countries full of young personal ambition, a lack of infrastructure or education is severely limiting potential.

Finally, if there is a need of the hour, it is for leaders who are willing to pick up the reins of their organisations' strategic talent agenda, as opposed to tossing the problem over the fence to an HR expert. We need leaders who are willing to eschew the copy paste practices of the past, in favour of new age ideas which reinvigorate the workplace. Because as Albert Einstein once famously explained "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them".

Gyan Nagpal is an award winning talent strategist, author and commentator, who is deeply invested in researching ongoing changes to the global talent pool. Over the last decade he has helped some of the world's largest and most ambitious organisations build significant business franchises across the Asia Pacific Region.


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