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BLOG: It's Risen: My Zombie Android Touchpad is alive!

Alan Shimel | April 15, 2013
A little wire jiggling and some new Linux do the trick.

Sorry, but this is the story that just won't die and neither will my HP Touchpad running Android Jellybean. Everytime I think I am done, it pulls me back in. As I wrote previously, my Touchpad has been dead as a door nail for about a week now. No matter what I did or tried it just stayed comatose. But that didn't stop me from trying.

Finally, last night/early this morning using some voodoo I was able to get my Touchpad to rise from the dead like a zombie.

OK, so I blew out my Windows partition, lost untold files and data, spent the better part of six days getting my laptop back up and working and it probably cost me a few thousand dollars. But God darn it, my Android Touchpad is back! It was worth it.

So how did I accomplish this task? Did I have to sacrifice any chickens or cast any spells? Did I hire a Mambo? No, there wasn't any magic (well actually there was). As I wrote earlier, the Android on Touchpad developer king JC Sullins had written a series of scripts that would debrick many a dead Touchpad (even if they weren't running Android). This was turned into a separate thread on the Rootzwiki Touchpad forum. It is now 57 pages strong and still growing.

The fact that the thread is so long should give you an idea that it is not so easy to do. You need to run the debrick off of a Linux box (Ubuntu preferred). In fact, that is how I got into this whole mess. Though you can run Ubuntu off a USB drive or a Live CD, sometimes if debricking doesn't work they recommend you run it from a physical Linux install.

Up until yesterday, every time I ran the debrick process it would abort early on when it reached the point where I would get what they call the multi-failure. No matter what I did, it would end right there. Then two days ago I was trying yet again at about 1 am (I don't have time during the day) and it made it past that point and installed a bunch of files. I thought I was golden, but the process aborted again when I got a fastboot failed to load error. Drat!

After that, I tried to rerun a hundred times and never got past the multi error again. Finally, last night I was playing around (again at like 1 am) and noticed that if I jiggled the miniUSB plug while the process was running I would get different responses. I actually made it past the multi-error, but once again hung at the fastboot not loading.


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