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BLOG: Is your IT department ready for the future?

Filippo Sarti | Sept. 27, 2012
New technologies and new ways of working require new collaborations.

We can already somewhat see the effect of Super Wi-Fi when it becomes available.

What's next on the agenda?

IT departments already know they're at the forefront of change, because day-to-day they're implementing new devices and new systems. But there are suggestions that CIOs and IT managers need to consider the bigger picture, not just day-to-day implementation.

Take security. Over half of 21-31-year-olds in Singapore admit they're bypassing corporate policies banning the use of personal devices. And fewer than 40 percent of workers in Singapore are aware of the risks arising from BYOD - such as data loss and exposure to IT threats.[3] IT departments may have some work to do to plug such gaps.

The future of work

There may also be some gaps in CIOs' strategic planning, suggests the "Meeting the Future of Work" report. It comments, for example, that they may not be adequately quantifying the value of IT, and that the traditional measure of return on investment (ROI) on IT is "too narrow to effectively maximise the value that IT can deliver". Instead, it suggests a new framework - for example, looking at ways to quantify the agility benefits of IT interventions.

And above all, the report stresses that IT departments  - along with the HR and property functions - can no longer shelter inside the silos of previous years. New technologies and new ways of working require new collaborations: IT may be used to working with legal and procurement departments but they now need to collaborate with other functions too.

Take the move to flexible working and flexible workspaces. It's a switch that involves HR, property and IT all working together to develop new processes, new policies and new attitudes. If they can do this successfully, the productivity and efficiency benefits for their business could be transformational. That's surely a good way to face the future?

Filippo Sarti is CEO of Regus Asia.

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