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BLOG: Interview with Woz: To innovate, get personal

Galen Gruman | Feb. 5, 2014
The Apple co-founder explains why being human is key to good tech and why technology alone won't fix our schools

Despite 30 years of having computers in the classroom, "I don't see any change in how people come out [of the education system] — they're not smarter," Wozniak says. "We put the technology into a system that damages creative thinking — the kids give up, and at a very early age." Wozniak believes the mass-production system of education is the key problem, because students must follow a regimen dictated on a weekly basis, rather than "get a goal for the year and a reading list they can explore at their own pace to get to that result."

The education system forgets that "if you love something, you go really far into it on your own," and Wozniak believes that's how schools need to think about education. "We need one good teacher per student" to allow each student to follow their own course, at their own pace, through the learning needed — under a teacher's guidance. Of course, there are nowhere near enough teachers, nor budget to pay for them.

But maybe one day — 20 years or more from now — computers can be those one-on-one teachers, or at least teacher's assistants, Wozniak says. That's that notion of "companion computing" applied to education. "Computers can't do it yet," but some of the pieces are in place today.

The more human that computing gets, the more possible that vision will be — and not just for education.

Source: InfoWorld


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