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BLOG: In tune with music and technology

Az Samad | June 15, 2012
How music and technology work very much together, hand-in-hand.

Sometimes, in class I record my students on video during the actual lesson using my MacBook Pro so that we can review how they did on a certain topic we're studying. It makes such a huge difference being able to see what you're actually doing in retrospect. When we play the guitar, we're focused on the moment and sometimes it's hard to look at it objectively. Through the video, students get to see it as observers. I'll guide my students and over time they develop an awareness of what they need to work on by just studying the video.

Traditional means of education tends to end at the end of the class.

With technology, the learning can still continue beyond the class. We can share materials and resources we find related to the topic during the week before the next class and then use those points of departure for in-class discussion.

I have one student who e-mails me almost every other day, relating how he's coming along with his practice. With every e-mail, I might give him an additional video or answer a question with related link so he can read more about what we've been covering. It's great!

Looking forward to the future

 In the world of music, technology today is transforming the musical landscape. It has revolutionised my role as an educator and performer in the music industry. These are exciting times as all is intertwined as it comes full circle. Thrilling times too as new creative roads abound.

I'm happy to be here right now. And, I'm looking forward to where technology will take me next.

It's going to be one epic roller coaster ride.

Az Samad is a composer and professional music educator.



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