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BLOG: Hallelujah, the NSA has been reformed!

Paul Venezia | Jan. 21, 2014
The president has deemed it so, but trusting the NSA to stop collecting communications information is no longer possible

All of this may have one very positive outcome, however: Never has the case been stronger foropen source software. If we pass through this period of uncertainty properly, we may see a significant surge in the use of open source, due specifically to the fact it can be trusted. I'd expect a rise in the use of open source firewalls like pfSense, as well as open source switching, storage solutions, operating systems, the whole works. Considering the NSA revelations alongside the impending demise of Windows XP support from Microsoft, and the lackluster uptake of Windows 8 may actually jolt desktop Linux into a larger market share, especially in the corporate world.

Ideally, most of those motions will come from CSOs and security pros. They've been thrown under the bus by the NSA and can't claim that their networks are secure. They can't guarantee anything unless they can see the code in use everywhere and have verified it's not backdoored. All their commercial tools must be assumed to be compromised unless proven otherwise — and it's impossible to prove it otherwise.

Any government can claim it's no longer collecting phone call data or Internet traffic data or any other form of communications information. But it doesn't really matter anymore because it can never be believed or verified. The world has a clear choice now: Either allow random groups of people to access all of your business and personal information at any time without your knowledge, or build new ways to make sure that does not and can not happen. I think the latter is the more likely scenario.

Source: InfoWorld


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