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BLOG: Explaining 'digital life': A new measurement for mobile success

Steven Max Patterson | Dec. 16, 2013
Market share isn't the only metric to measure success in the highly competitive mobile market

Yet despite the adjustments for China and older Android versions, Android digital life is still estimated to produce $5 billion in advertising revenues this year for Google, according to Windsor.

Windsor contradicts the view that choice is limited to iOS or Android and that there is only enough space out there for two ecosystems. It may become only a choice between these two hardware and OS platforms, but the analysis of the ecosystems tells a different story. In 2015, it's estimated that 2 billion smartphones will be in use throughout the world. Windsor expects Apple's ecosystem to reach 350 million active users and the Android ecosystem to reach almost 400 million. The remaining 1.25 billion smartphones could support as many as 12 sustainable ecosystems of 100 million users.

In the near future, when every smartphone is a commodity and all are as amazing as the Nexus 5, LG G2, Moto X and iPhone 5s, Windsor's framework gives good insight into how mobile device manufacturers will employ digital life to monetize, retain users and differentiate products.


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