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BLOG: Enter the PC+ era

Jessie Quek | Jan. 18, 2013
Lenovo’s perspectives on a few key trends that will shape the PC+ era in 2013 and beyond

It's that time of the year again when the IT industry attempts to identify major trends that will shape the respective sectors in 2013. In line with this, we at Lenovo would like to offer our humble perspectives on a few key trends that we think will shape the PC+ era in 2013 and beyond.

Our perspectives center around the premise that the world is seeing a "PC+ evolution" and not a "post-PC revolution". In this PC+ era, the PC remains central to the digital lives of millions of people and businesses, and is at the heart of an ecosystem of tablets, smart phones and smart TVs, and includes all operating systems, chipsets, apps and cloud-delivered devices.

Here are some of our perspectives for PC+ trends in 2013 and beyond:

Full keyboard devices will continue to thrive

While there are many new devices available, the traditional PC will not be replaced. People will still want a full keyboard to fulfill their content creation needs. Supporting this premise is the continued push by tablet and smartphone manufacturers, as well as third-party equipment makers, to offer full keyboard accessories for such devices.

Even with a full keyboard, devices like tablets and smartphones lack comprehensive content creation functionality, and that's where PCs come into the picture. According to IDC, 364.5 million PCs were sold globally in 2011 and the firm predicts 529 million PCs will be sold in 2016. This is a 7.7% CAGAR from 2011 to 2016 and a very significant PC market.

Lenovo will continue to redefine the PC through innovation and make the PC even more energetic, fashionable and user-friendly. Already, we have the fastest booting notebook PCs. Our Ultrabook is setting the standard for the category. We have all-in-ones that are thinner and more powerful than the competition, and Lenovo also pioneered the market for the convertible form factor.

Convertibles will settle comfortably in technology's ecosystem

Convertibles are mitigating the challenge from tablets. Usage scenarios for tablets will become focused on media consumption, whereas convertibles will be the trend to support flexible usage scenarios for users that want the same device to deliver a tablet experience and support the full range of content creation needs.

Lenovo was the first vendor in the world to announce the convertible form factor at CES 2012, and has the best range of convertibles products in the market today.

The continuing increase in multi-device offerings will create new form factors such as big screens, and enable new usage scenarios

While PCs are central to the digital lives of millions of people and businesses, there are many new devices emerging on the scene. The convergence, consumerization and mobilization of technology will see a proliferation of devices across the four screens (PC, smartphone, smart TV, tablets), and the creation of new form factors such as bigger screens.


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