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BLOG: Don't believe the lies about Windows XP's imminent death

Galen Gruman | Jan. 15, 2014
On April 8, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP, but XP-based PCs will continue to work just fine

But in Windows, there's a truly big split among 2001's XP (30 percent), 2007's Vista (anunderstandably tiny user base of 4 percent), 2009's Windows 7 (47 percent), and 2012's Windows 8 (11 percent), each of which has major differences not just in functionality but in user experience and operational UI. Ironically, you can run any of these OSes on most PCs built in the last decade, so most Windows XP PCs could run a more recent version of Windows, even though memory capacity and processor speeds may make you regret running the newer Windows versions on really old PCs. As a result, PC makers have tried to invent reasons such as touchscreens to get people to trade up their hardware.

The bottom line is that 59 percent of Mac users run an OS X version from 2012 or later, whereas just 11 percent of Windows users do. That's what Microsoft and its PC partners are desperate to change. The problem is that the resistance is to the new Windows itself, and threats and scare tactics don't change that fact.

As I said, I personally would urge XP users to switch to Windows 7 (find an old disc on eBay or local computer store) or OS X. But I understand why so many won't or can't. The truth is they don't actually have to — certainly not on April 8.

Source: InfoWorld


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