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BLOG: Data protection and data growth -- within budget. Possible?

Peter Eicher | March 6, 2013
In a Wikibon survey, the top three challenges mentioned are data growth, budget constraints and data protection. As these are interrelated, how do you break free from them?

You need to fundamentally reconsider how you are doing things and take a look at modern data protection technologies, which basically means snapshots and replication. That's the way out of the Venn diagram. I have seen many cases where the initial outlay of funds results in major savings. First, you may be able to consolidate multiple products down to one solution. Try counting up just how many different tools and technologies you are using for data protection. You might be shocked to learn it's four or five.

Initially, payments to vendors can actually go down. But the bigger savings can be on the management side. Here I've seen IT departments shift from one or more full-time employees just managing data protection to getting it done in an hour or less a day. That's a huge shift of resources into more profitable and strategic IT work, getting back on top of those missed opportunities.  

By implementing an updated data protection infrastructure, you can totally change the Venn diagram to look more like this one:

When you Re-invent Data Protection it means you can see your backup window eliminated even in the face of Data Growth. And because it ultimately leads to savings, you'll see Budget Relief which is what allows you to justify the outlay for the new technology. By getting a grip on budgets and freeing up IT staff time, you can start to seize opportunities again.  And in the end, that is what will help you achieve corporate growth while also limiting exposure. 

Take some time to assess how your own organization fits into the Venn diagram of IT challenges, and think about what it's costing you right now and how you can best break out of it. 


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