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BLOG: Casio says it don't fear the Apple iWatch reaper...

Jonny Evans | Sept. 3, 2013
Casio isn't ready for wearable computing.

I'm sure there will be those who think I'm being harsh when I make these claims, but I'll repeat myself: I have heard Flip say it, I heard BlackBerry say it, I heard Nokia say it; I've heard Microsoft say it: whenever Apple enters a new sector existing incumbents talk the talk and then fail in the walk.

This may be the situation historically, but with Google, Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft and others also all about to battle for a slice of the action on your wrist, existing incumbents need to be absolutely certain they have something strong to offer, as the competition won't just emerge from Apple, but from everywhere else.

This is what BlackBerry says now after a similar struggle:

"I think BlackBerry is able to survive as a niche company. But being a niche company means deciding to be a niche company. Historically, BlackBerry has had larger ambitions. But battling giants like Apple, Google and Samsung is tough," said BlackBerry board member, Bert Nordberg.

Where I sit right now I believe that without access to some unknown secret weapon, Casio can't tell what time it is. And telling the time correctly seems to me to be a rather important requirement for a company that wants to wrap itself round your wrist.

Game over.


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