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BLOG: Can we talk? The sorry state of modern messaging

Paul Venezia | Nov. 19, 2013
Despite iMessages, Google Talk, texts, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and even email, it's harder to communicate than ever

The whole thing reminds me of the wall of pull bells in the servants' hall in "Downton Abbey."

The worst part: There's really no solving this one, aside from a truly consolidated client with provisions for managing the vagaries of each service or a central service that handles all communication of this type — and we know the last one is a nonstarter. A consolidated client would also require the cooperation of each service vendor to some degree. As people flock to new messaging apps and services, such as WhatsApp and Viber, it necessarily forces those who were otherwise content with AIM or GTalk to download yet another application, create an account, and descend further into the madness.

If you want to chat with me, send a few smoke signals. At least there are only a few protocols to deal with there.


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