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BLOG: BYOD? Sure! BYOPC? Not so fast...

Galen Gruman | Nov. 4, 2013
The forces that propelled use of employee-owned smartphones and tablets don't apply so much to PCs and Macs

IT won't easily give up something it's managed and owned for two decades. Yes, the first PCs adopted by businesses in the mid-1980s were typically BYO, or at least departmental purchases. But by the 1990s, IT had taken over PC mnagement and issuance at larger companies, and its retained that ownership since. "Computing overall is moving in the direction where the device doesn't matter, but current IT cares a lot about the platform today for security and management," Hazelton says.

Although BYOPC isn't likely to be as widespread as BYOD, Hazelton sees some areas where it makes sense:

  • For organizations that use hoteling, where employees have no fixed office but instead sign up for a desk when at a company facility, and where the standard-issue computer is a thin client. Allowing BYOPC would make sense because, unlike thin clients, the PCs could be used for a mix of personal and work functions that mobile employees are reasonably gong to need to do.
  • The same applies for employees who essentially live on the road because, again, work and personal are so intertwined.
  • Organizations not yet comfortable with making Macs a standard option. They could allow BYO Macs, perhaps with a managed virtual machine running Windows for work functions.

In the meantime, BYOPC is likely to really mean "home PC."



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