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BLOG: Boycotting RSA Conference is a misplaced endeavor

Alan Shimel | Jan. 23, 2014
Publicity stunt or conscientious objector, either way boycotting the conference isn’t productive.

For me another issue is if you are going to punish RSA, what about the other companies who cooperated at some level with the NSA? Should we stop using Microsoft, Google, Apple or Facebook?  Because they have done their best "Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" imitations are they immune from our wrath?  For one of these companies to now go and sponsor Trustycon seems pretty nervy to me or is it a way to sooth a guilty conscience?

I spoke to my friend Rajat Bhargava, CEO of JumpCloud about what he thought about the RSA Conference boycott.  Raj feels that if people don't want to buy RSA products because of the NSA story that is their right to do so.  There are other products (including JumpClouds) that can do the job.   But to not attend the conference isn't the right response.  Better to go to the conference and make your voice heard.

I agree with Raj on this one.  For those people who are genuinely outraged by RSA's dealings with NSA being part of conversation at RSA Conference would have been a lot more impactful.  For those people who are boycotting or supporting the boycott for their own monetary gain. I think we know what that is about. I will leave it to you to decide.

How do you feel? Do you think boycotting RSA Conference is the right response?

Source: Network World


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