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BLOG: Big or Little brother?

Matt Tett | May 3, 2013
RAT is insidiously infiltrating our computers and smart devices to build a cache of information-and it is no longer simply making off with corporate/personal data/information while Big Brother is watching via the CCTV networks

I personally like the idea it poses as a new form of social engineering and information gathering-a six-step tool-kit for the professional crook to drive legitimate sales.

  • Step one: insert a bad RAT into a targets mobile device. 
  • Step two: use the audio information collected from eavesdropping on the device to develop a convincing and customised "sales" pitch. 
  • Step three: use the camera or images stored on the device and from their social media to get to know the target, what they look like, friends etc. 
  • Step four: use GPS location data build a profile of the targets movements. 
  • Step five: create a chance meeting, "bump" into the target. 
  • Step six: deliver the perfect pitch/conversation, including the exact solution to their problems.

And if that doesn't convince them to buy, simply resort to blackmail or sell the stolen secrets.

Kids, don't try this at home.


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