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BLOG: Baidu chooses Docker containers over sandbox for PaaS

Alan Shimel | Dec. 12, 2013
Baidu Application Engine (BAE) 2.0 to use containers, not sandboxes

Baidu is not the only PaaS player to embrace Docker's containers in place of sandboxes though. Google and Red Hat have also announced support for Docker. Running on any version of Linux, it would seem that containers are poised to become the dominant form of PaaS offerings.

I know that in speaking with friends in the DevOps world they are big fans of containers. The ability to easily spin up language independent VM containers regardless of whether it be in public, private or hybrid clouds via Chef or Puppet scripts is a big plus.

Container-based PaaS promises to allow application developers the freedom to spin up and down applications even easier than spinning up cloud instances is now.  Not worrying about the OS management of the environment allows them to truly focus on just their application.

I am interested to hear from developers if they think PaaS based on containers will be as attractive as many are saying it might be.  Leave a comment if you are a developer either using PaaS or thinking about it with your experiences.

As PaaS usage continues to grow, the use of containers promises to skyrocket.  As I wrote two weeks ago, containerization may become as prevalent as hypervisor virtualization.  It would seem that the open source Docker project and Docker, Inc. are the leading players in this movement.  Xen was sold for a billion or so dollars to Citrix, could a similar happy ending be in store for Docker?

Source: Network World


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