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BLOG: As Windows 8 struggles, where is the leadership?

Andy Patrizio | May 7, 2013
Windows 8 desperately needs a cheerleader, but the group's leader is AWOL.

As for blaming Windows 8 for declining PC sales (I was guilty of that, too), some have pointed out that Mac sales in Q1 fell 22%, way more than PC sales. So how is that Windows 8's fault? It's not; it's evidence that the real problem lies with the PC sector overall and not an OS.

I'm all for her spending the days talking to Microsoft dev team, getting feedback from third-party developers and OEMs and making sure to fix as much as possible in Windows Blue to get it back on track. Windows 8 wouldn't have the problems it has if someone had listened before the launch, because the reaction to the beta was very negative. The rumors of a returning Start button and booting to Explorer are signs someone is listening now.

But at some point she really needs to talk to a few influential people, analysts or reporters, and defend her product. Call CNBC, call Gartner, call Walt Mossberg, hell, call me. Waggener has my number. I'll give you an open mic. But Julie, defend your product before it's slandered out of credibility. I hope at Build you come out swinging.


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