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BLOG: Are you ready for the future?

Doug Hibberd | May 6, 2011
What IT managers need to know about IPv6 today.

Start rolling it out!

A great place to start investigating your IPv6 capabilities is within DNS, as we know it's one of the core technologies that every network engineer should understand and it won't do you much good to bring IPv6 addresses into your network if you can't resolve them to names and vice versa.

Another great place to deploy an early IPv6 network is a "management network" or "telemetry network," as we used to call them in the old days. Network Address Translation (NAT) can be a real burden when it comes to monitoring devices in duplicate or overlapping address ranges, so this may be a great place for you to start moving to IPv6.

Now that those steps have been completed, it's time to find a good management solution that understands IPv4, IPv6 and dual-stack environments. Don't assume that just because you haven't made a conscious decision to deploy IPv6 that it isn't already there, as many devices and operating systems are shipping with IPv6 enabled by default. If you're not managing it closely, you could be opening yourself up to all kinds of vulnerabilities.

So while the sky isn't falling yet, if you don't start learning everything you need to know to migrate to IPv6 and manage hybrid solutions, it really could be in the near future.

Doug Hibberd, general manager of Asia Pacific operations and senior vice president of engineering, SolarWinds. 



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