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BLOG: 9 minutes for career nirvana

Zafar Anjum | May 22, 2012
Singaporeans, how much time do you need to spend daily on maintaining your career? LinkedIn weighs in on the subject, backed by research.

How much time should you spend on maintaining your career?

Is it a few minutes or a few hours every day?

Or how best should you spend your time advancing your career? Is it by making tea for your boss or by taking time off to brush up your CV?

These may not be deep philosophical questions but they do matter in today's fast-paced lives of professionals. I am not even mentioning the climate of economic uncertainty.

To find answers to these questions, LinkedIn engaged an expert and carried out a survey. The result? Not very flattering.

Singaporean professionals are in the dark about how to get ahead in their careers, says the professional networking company.

LinkedIn research reveals majority of Singaporean workforce over-estimate time required per day to further career. Also, it turns out that men are perceived as better networkers than women.

LinkedIn found that over 81 percent of Singaporean professionals believe that the ideal amount of time spent daily on progressing your career should be in excess of 30 minutes. This is according to research by IPSOS Mori and Catalyst, involving 3,200 working professionals globally, including 400 in Singapore.

30 minutes vs 9 minutes?

But do you really need to spend 30 minutes daily to advance your career?

Not really. Actually, nine minutes are enough.

World leading personal branding expert William Arruda advocates that by spending just 9 minutes a day you'll be able to maintain a healthy and successful career.

So, clearly, the public perception of 3.5+hrs per week is a stark contrast to Arruda's recommendation of 45 minutes per week.

Arruda, who partnered with LinkedIn to identify the optimum amount of time to spend daily on what he has termed 'continuous career management', said: "Fitting nine minutes of career management into your daily schedule is all it takes without adding stress or pressure. 9 minutes is the optimum amount of time recommended, because it also gives you complete focus, and educators to psychologists agree that the ability to focus one's attention on a task is crucial for the achievement of one's goals."

"Relationships require care and so building and maintaining them is a major component of successful career management. These days, we live in a highly connected and technology driven world, so building your online network on LinkedIn, is a critical career management skill," says Arruda.

Here is Arruda's Nine Minutes formula-suggestions of activities professionals can do during their nine minutes:

1.     Build your network - building and maintaining relationships are a major component of a successful career. 

2.     Maintain relationships by recommending and congratulating others in their careers - everyone enjoys being recognised and LinkedIn provides an easy way to do this.


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