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BLOG: 5 eternal truths of IT leadership

Martha Heller | July 10, 2013
Alcatel-Lucent's Robin Dargue has a bit of the philosopher about him, here he gives some of his 'eternal truths of IT leadership.'

Truth #5: We often sacrifice future agility for current agility, and that’s a problem.
As a CIO, it is getting more challenging to balance the business demand for quicker delivery with a solution that is sustainable for the future. We may deliver some new program quickly today, but in four years, people will come back say, “What idiot made that decision? Now, we have to rework everything.”

This is probably my toughest challenge: My business partners want to tactical solutions so fast that they will not wait until we architect the solutions correctly. I can deliver quickly, because they want it now, but then they will wonder why it cost so much (TCO). It is easier to do a little bolt-on than to make major infrastructure changes, but in the future, we’ll wind up managing 20 different bolt-ons with 20 different providers and 20 different data structures. New companies with new technologies don’t really need to worry about this.But for those of us who work in big legacy environments, this is becoming a major challenge.


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