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BLOG: 4 iPhone features I'd like to improve in iPhone 5

Jonny Evans | Aug. 22, 2012
Here’s just four little features I think the iPhone lacks, even as the iPhone 5 queues get set to begin next month.

I've spent the weekend attempting to capture some images of some of my favorite bands, and while the pictures I did keep are OK, your timing needs to be spot on if you want to capture that defining moment when taking live shots. Burst mode would be a massive improvement if deployed.

I'd also like to note that of the gigs I do go to (and I go to as many gigs as I can), I'm in no doubt at all that the majority of the phones I see held up to capture still images and video are made by Apple.

Hopefully the much-discussed Facebook integration within iOS 6 will extend to the Camera app on the iPhone, finally enabling easy sharing of newly-caught images with your Facebook account.

Stupid tiny text message text

I've lost track now of the number of heartfelt, important occasionally life-changing text messages I've sent when I'm out and about while -- such is my vanity -- not wearing my spectacles. As you can see from my truly horrible profile picture on this blog, I rarely photograph well and so I'm foolishly reluctant to wander the world wearing my specs. 

Sure, this endearing habit for denial may be potentially nothing more than an age crisis informing death anxiety thing, but one thing that I do regret is the number of times when sending a text that I've failed to see auto-correct mischievously alter what I've been trying to write in order to insert something irrelevant or, occasionally, shocking. I'm making light of this, but the fact I can't zoom into the text on SMS messages, or even change the font's just, oh I'll say it -- it's annoying.

Why can't I do this? It's just text, right? I can zoom into Safari and other apps with text. All I want -- it's pretty simple -- is to be able to read the message using pinch and zoom. Is this really too much to ask?

The fact you can't do this yet is just stupid. 

I'm not disputing Apple's focus on usability for its devices. It's streets ahead of Google's Android in that regard. After all, a little known story that better-sighted media outlets don't appear to have got their heads around at the moment is that Apple is working with top manufacturers to introduce Made for iPhone hearing aids.

UPDATE: I've been looking for this for so long. I'm thrilled to have learned it can be done, to an extent -- thanks commenters. "You can increase the text size in Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Notes in Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Large Text in iOS 5." There's one caveat -- text entry remains small, perhaps that can be repaired, too? In any case, I'd like to simply be able to tap and zoom.


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