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BLOG: 3 awesome Android apps for following news with Feedly

JR Raphael | July 12, 2013
We're almost two weeks into life without Google Reader -- so are you still getting your RSS-flavored news-reading fix?

Press offers smooth scrolling and a variety of elegant swipe-based navigation gestures — swiping up or down in an article to progress to the previous or next item, for instance, or swiping left to move back to the main article list. The app features a nice in-app reading experience, too, though mobile optimization requires an extra tap each time you open an article.

Press has two widgets: a large scrolling-list box and a small 1x1 box that shows your total number of unread items. The large widget is also available on lock screens for 4.2+ devices.

Press costs $3.

3. Feedly

Android Apps Feedly: Official Feedly App
Surprised to see Feedly's own Android app in this list? You shouldn't be: The official Feedly app has actually evolved to provide a pretty good news-reading experience — and, unlike most third-party options, it's free to use.

Feedly's app has a clean and simple interface with handy swipe gestures for things like marking individual items or entire sets of articles as read. It has a handful of customizable settings, such as a one-tap saving tool (a la Pocket) and one-tap quick-share tool (via whatever app you want).

By default, the Feedly app uses a decidedly non-Reader-like "magazine" view, but you can change that in the app's main settings; if you're used to Reader, the "title only" and "list" options are the ones you'll probably like the most.

Feedly's weakness is widgets: The app has two widgets, neither of which has ever worked in my experience. It also lacks a lock screen widget of any sort. Additionally, Feedly has yet to optimize its app for large-screen devices, so using the app on a tablet is a bit of a letdown.

On the plus side, Feedly's developers have shown themselves to be quick and nimble, with frequent updates and a strong desire to keep their users happy. It's a safe bet that the company's Android app will continue to grow with the service over time.


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