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BLOG: '1 + 1 = 3': The Synergy between the NEW key technologies

Andy Gottlieb | July 16, 2013
First example: the small physical footprint of applications and functions enabled by server virtualization makes colocation more valuable

Server virtualization has many benefits for IT — so many I will make no attempt to enumerate them here. In the context of colos, the relevant benefit is that it makes possible a small physical footprint for a multitude of enterprise applications, as well as security applications and many networking functions. That small footprint enables these applications to be run cost effectively from a colocation facility. A few rack units might be all that is necessary for even a good-sized enterprise, and a whole rack can support computing, storage and security capabilities unimaginable until a few years ago.

Bottom line: the small footprint enabled by server virtualization makes colocation affordable — and highly useful — to the enterprise IT manager, and in particular the enterprise WAN manager.

The ability to leverage colocation, and the many benefits it brings, enabled by server virtualization technology is just one of the reasons why MPLS is no longer the only answer for building enterprise WANs in the era of the cloud.

Next time, we'll look at more examples of this technical synergy among the key technologies, and how together they enable the NEW architecture.


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