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BLOG: FBI behind Firefox zero-day compromising half of all Tor sites?

Darlene Storm | Aug. 6, 2013
Perhaps as much as half of all the Onion Router sites are potentially compromised, and some hackers are blaming FBI for it.

Open Watch reported, "The execution of malicious JavaScript inside the Tor Browser Bundle, perhaps the most commonly used Tor client, comes as a surprise to many users. Previously, the browser disabled JavaScript execution by default for security purposes." It was changed "by developers in order to make the product more useful for average internet users. As a result, however, the application has become vastly more vulnerable to attacks such as this."

Numerous hackers, security experts and researchers are tearing apart and analyzing the malicious payload code. The FBI may not be the culprit here, but the timing of the attack which delivered "a weaponized exploit to Firefox users running Windows systems," does seem suspicious. Of course, after all the NSA spying drama . . . people might be inclined to automatically accuse the government of more surveillance and censorship.


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