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Apple and Google are chasing a 35-year smartwatch dream

Jonny Evans | March 24, 2014
It was way back in December 1979 that LA's Windert Watch Company announced the first iWatch style smartwatch, and much of what was promised then calls the bell on what's expected from future wearables from Apple, Google and others.

We need a cannibal

Beyond certain niche functions, wearable solutions are unlikely to achieve mass-market status until they cannibalize existing mobile device markets. Until they do savvy consumers will recognize that they may as well use their existing mobile device and skip the wearable. Almost everyone wants a smartphone, but only people with a smartphone will be able to consider a wearable device.

The implication here is that the first big mobile technology firm prepared to cannibalize its existing mobile device market with a wearable computer that replaces its own devices will be the company that defines wearable computing.

Given its track record in cannibalization, I have a hunch which company that will be, though despite coming from a similar direction, it won't be the Windert Watch Company. All the same I continue to believe that in order to understand the future, first you should look to the past.

Source: Computerworld


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