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Analyst view: Speeding ahead of demand

Simon Piff | March 28, 2013
This is the year IT moves from a business cost to business contribution/value centre, and the regional CIO community is experiencing that urgency.

When it comes to social business, by the end of 2013 at least three-quarters of social media users will be accessing via mobile; more than 50 percent of companies will have a social business strategy; CMOs and CIOs will align their strategies; and "socialytics" will be the new battlefield.

For Big Data/Analytics, there will be more than 50 percent growth in Big Data spend; 60 percent of which will come from software and services; a focus on optimisation before innovation in Big Data deployment; and business relevance will be the new battlefield in this area.

And to support such business needs, it is crucial for Asian enterprises to start thinking about the data centre of the future. The extended hybrid IT environment is the foundation elements of the "extended enterprise".

The technical enablers that will allow this growth to happen are converged systems that integrate compute, storage and network infrastructure as resource pools to be assigned as needed to business services.

Results of the IDC Asia Pacific Continuum Study 2012 reflected that the increased use of storage efficiency technologies is a necessity and not a luxury.

In addition, Cloud and Big Data are the new physics of IT. Together they provide Asian enterprises with IT liquidity and data gravity. With IT liquidity, they promote access to highly elastic and fungible compute, enable DevOps business model and are optimal for highly parallel application design. DevOps is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) professionals.

With data gravity, they make it easier for enterprises to move data into cloud, while making it hard to move it out; pump-prime with archives of public data sets; and reduce barrier to entry for innovation.

In today's business environment, the network as a platform is a vital link between cloud and mobility. Application access/delivery is dependent on the underlying datacenter and enterprise network which will need to become more dynamic and flexible with Software-defined networking (SDN).

Key challenges that Asian enterprises need to target are:

One, IT consolidation with virtualisation requires consolidated and virtualised storage; network upgrades (10/40/100 GbE); new backup and DR requirements; and converged IT solutions.

Two, industry "digitisation" and content growth requires data ingest/delivery expansion; dedicated solutions for active and long-term archiving; and moving further up the content value chain.

Three, capitalising on Big Data requires addressing the data management challenges.

Capitalising on the changing datacenter would be my advice for Asian enterprises. Consider the following:

•  How clouds (public or private) can help to accelerate the velocity of provisioning

•  How key technologies being developed to accelerate cloud deployments, including converged infrastructure and SDN, can work for your enterprise.


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