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Against the CurrentC: The Apple Pay rival's continued false start

The Macalope | Aug. 17, 2015
Remember CurrentC? Well, how could you? It still hasn't gotten started. It's the giant retail consortium's little payment method that couldn't even.

Long before Apple or Google gain the market share that would allow any reasonable consumer to have a serious conversation about ditching their physical wallet and living in smartphone-only payment nirvana, dozens of major retailers will have deployed a custom-built countermeasure that has hundreds of thousands of users.

Let's see, is that playing out in any way at all? Uhhhhhhh, just pretending to look around here aaaaand... no. Nope. Not at all. In fact, the reverse appears to be true.

Well, whatever. This Apple Pay versus CurrentC battle is so 2014 because here in 2015 "Samsung Pay is Ready to Blow Apple Pay Out of the Water in the UK" (tip o' the antlers to Nick Harvey).

It's always something.


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