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A single DDOS attack could cripple your business. Are you prepared?

Singtel Business | June 22, 2015
As industry experts are expecting to see more sophisticated techniques, patterns and tactics employed by DDoS perpetrators, every organisation should take a proactive approach instead of relying on firewalls alone.

This blog has been sponsored by Singtel.

Growing DDoS attacks worldwide
Distributed denial of service (DDoS) is a growing threat to many organisations around the globe. The number of DDoS attacks, which aim to cripple business operations by overwhelming and disrupting their online services with traffic from multiple sources, has surged dramatically and grown more sophisticated in recent years. Globally, the number of DDoS attacks in the first quarter of this year more than doubled from 2014, according to Akamai Technologies' Q1 2015 State of the Internet - Security report.

A key concern in Singapore
As Singapore progresses towards its Smart Nation vision, potential cyber security threats are increasingly under the spotlight. Underscoring the vulnerability of businesses to cyber attacks, the Singapore Business Federation revealed in one of its survey findings that 30 percent of local enterprises had been a victim of a cyber attack, most of which took about one to three days to recover from.

How much will a DDoS attack cost you?
Technology and market research firm Forrester estimated that a DDoS attack costs a company approximately US$2.1 million dollars for every four hours of downtime and US$27 million for a 24-hour outage. But more than the negative effect on business continuity or the bottom line, DDoS attacks have far reaching implications on customers' confidence, and your organisation's reputation and brand.

A possible threat to any business
DDoS perpetrators do not simply target large organisations. In fact, any business, big or small, with an online presence is susceptible to DDoS attacks. While firewalls help, they alone are not enough as complex DDoS attacks are capable of passing through open firewall ports that are intended to allow access to legitimate users.

Boost your DDoS readiness
There is a need to lift our DDoS readiness and keep pace with the increasingly complex cyber security landscape. As industry experts are expecting to see more sophisticated techniques, patterns and tactics employed by DDoS perpetrators, every organisation should take a proactive approach.

Besides working with reliable Internet service and web hosting providers who will help to mitigate DDoS threats to a certain extent, partner with an experienced cloud mitigation provider to implement an integrated, multi-layered protection strategy.

Compared to the potential financial and reputational losses in the event of an outage, the relatively small investment to put in place appropriate defenses is definitely a worthwhile strategic move.

Enjoy advanced yet affordable DDoS protection with Singtel
Complementing its multi-layered cyber security solutions, Singtel has partnered with Akamai to offer cloud-based DDoS mitigation services for businesses in Asia-Pacific.

This advanced solution, which leverages the massive scale and capacity of Akamai's globally distributed Intelligent Platform, pre-emptively scrutinises, detects and blocks DDoS and other threats before they reach the targeted web services.


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