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9 digital business transformation predictions for 2016

Kevin Pool, Chief Technology Officer, TIBCO Asia | Feb. 23, 2016
TIBCO's approach for serving organisations in the midst of “digitalisation” involves deploying the Fast Data platform.

5. Better predictive customer analytics will become more ubiquitous

Through the improved analytic segmentation of customers, propensity to buy a product or service and affinity for related products, companies can provide real-time contextual offers that apply directly to individual consumers. These personalised, granular insights will allow for increased awareness of customer expectations (or machine conditions) and facilitate more responsive and targeted intervention.

6. Industrial real-time analytics will become more pervasive

The insights gained from better visual, predictive and prescriptive analytics will make a big impact on real-time industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) equipment, as well as customer engagement channels. From machine malfunction alerts to driving customer actions, these advanced analytics functions will give businesses incredible real-time engagement, intervention and measurement capabilities.

Event Processing

In spite of what seems like an endless hype cycle, the Internet of Things is no longer knocking- it has kicked down the door and is now screaming for attention. As standards begin to congeal around connected devices, products will become even further integrated into everyday activities. The same can be said for the event processing capabilities that (in conjunction with analytics) are increasingly essential to the industry.

7. The Internet of Things will go mainstream in business

Companies will start to see significant ROI from IoT deployments, as consensus around IoT standards will finally emerge. This will encourage fast and widespread adoption of IoT implementations across enterprises.

8. Event processing and analytics are more frequently used together

In order to make data-driven insights derived from analytics tools actionable, there will be an increasingly tighter integration between event processing and analytics technologies and tools.

9. Spark will ascend as the Fast Data repository for data at rest

Spark will usurp Hadoop as the go-to open source data framework for processing data at rest for event processing applications. Streaming analytics and complex event processing (CEP) benefit from the in-memory processing of Spark. As event processing gains stature within the enterprise, so too will Spark.

A new year presents a new start and opportunity. Take advantage of the changes in technology and prepare yourselves and get on board the wave for "digital transformation."


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