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5 common tech hiring mistakes to avoid

Gianna Scorsone, VP of Sales Operations and Marketing, Mondo | Feb. 1, 2017
If you're a hiring manager, here are some tips to consider

4. Overlooking internal talent.  When looking to make a new hire, your current employees can also be your best resource. While many companies believe creating a referral program is the best way to net new talent, don’t make the mistake of overlooking internal talent. Although internal candidates may need additional training, given the current hiring market, this could likely be the faster and less expensive route without sacrificing the tech expertise you’re looking for. Promoting internally also boosts employee retention rates and engagement because they are shown that loyalty and hard work are respected and rewarded in the workplace. Given that the average tenure for tech professionals is only 1 to 3 years, companies looking to boost retention rates, improve culture, and grow internally can’t afford to overlook internal talent for new job openings.

5. Not moving fast enough. One hiring mistake that almost every business makes is not moving fast enough when it comes to the hiring process. Tech talent is a hot commodity and candidates are more aware of this than ever before. Qualified applicants will simply move on with their job search if they don’t hear back within a reasonable time frame or if the hiring process drags on for weeks. Although hiring managers are overwhelmed trying to balance their day-to-day responsibilities with hiring, it’s critical they prioritize the hiring process and show candidates that they are the top priority. The more time lags, the more likely candidates will simply move on. Nothing is worse than dedicating time to interviewing all of the potential candidates just to miss out on the initial candidate they fell in love with.

Making the right hiring choice for your tech team is crucial. Avoid these common hiring mistakes to net the best talent available and dodge the expensive and time-consuming pitfalls of getting it wrong.

Mondo is the largest nationwide staffing agency specializing in high-end, niche IT, Tech, and Digital Marketing talent.


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