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2020 Digital Horoscopes

Kunaciilan Nallappan, Senior Marketing Director, Asia Pacific, F5 Networks | Jan. 20, 2017
In foretelling the future of technology adoption and how it drives business transformation, F5 Networks pays homage to astrology and envisions twelve key predictions (horoscope readings) that define the new Asia digital economy.

10.Capricorn: Just like resourceful Capricorns, CIOs will need to juggle the region-wide IT talent shortage with significant growth in customers' demand for automation and outsourcing models

69 percent of CIOs in Asia believe a lack of talent will prevent their organization from keeping up with the pace of change. Competition for a finite pool of advanced IT talent will peak in Asia as workplace technologies grow increasingly sophisticated. Amidst stricter budget and spending, key trends that will emerge include the rise of the outsourcing model, and the increased demand for automation. Working in partnership with trusted third-party IT service providers will allow CIOs to focus on leveraging new technologies and free up resources to implement these forward-looking projects. The IT talent crisis will also generate a demand for more automation of security through intelligent applications and machine learning.

11. Aquarius: Inventiveness and an unconventional mindset - the hallmarks of Aquarians - will be key in driving Asia's dynamic telecommunications sector

The telecommunications sector will see the most innovative adoption of technology in Asia, given the competitiveness of the industry. Connected devices today have opened a whole range of mobile applications such as payments, retail, transportation and enterprise collaboration seamless data connectivity is now a must-have for consumers in order to access these capabilities. Fast-growing data consumption and the rising importance of network quality is likely to see competition intensifying in India, Singapore and Malaysia, with new players offering cheaper tariffs to poach customers from incumbents. With various pressure points, Asian telcos will need take aggressive and progressive approaches to winning market share by supporting the demands of the network without compromising security and performance.

12. Pisces: The Piscean talent of adaptability will lead the way in technological disruption: such as through evolving existing payment models from barter trade to cashless transactions


Payment models ranging from mobile to chat apps will be the key pillar of digital transformation in ecommerce. Today, over a third of online transactions are now is made through mobile, with Asian payment methods such as Alipay driving the strongest growth. Asia is characterized by its highly diversified business models and as consumers continue to seek more seamless and convenient engagements, we can also expect digital payment to consistently reinvent itself.



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