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2020 Digital Horoscopes

Kunaciilan Nallappan, Senior Marketing Director, Asia Pacific, F5 Networks | Jan. 20, 2017
In foretelling the future of technology adoption and how it drives business transformation, F5 Networks pays homage to astrology and envisions twelve key predictions (horoscope readings) that define the new Asia digital economy.

The true agility and competitive edge lie where businesses can easily, quickly and securely deploy and scale apps to pivot towards new market opportunities and meet customer demands in a moment's notice. In this process, legacy IT infrastructure may act as major barriers to achieving the digital transformation necessary for an agile business, and enterprises will begin to realize the full potential of the cloud as they use it to enable completely new scenarios beyond efficiency and cost savings to enable successes even amidst an uncertain economy.

7. Libra: The perceptive Libran temperament is just what Asia needs to shape its cybersecurity strategy, at a time when the region is increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is a key issue in Asia Pacific. As the rapid adoption of technology is outpaces the availability of adequate cyber defenses. 2016 was marked by a series of prominent cyber-attacks, including the DDoS attack on Dyn, which brought down some of the biggest sites on the Web.  Attacks are no longer an 'if', but 'when'.

Mobility has changed the game and there is almost an app for everything. That's where the danger begins - F5 Networks' research has found that 72 percent of breaches are from attacks on the app. Data is accessible from devices over which application providers have no control and from locations and networks that are out of their reach. Against sophisticated cybercriminals, a successful security strategy delivers visibility into all application traffic, enhancing a company's security portfolio with additional layers of intelligence that protects organizations' most critical assets, identities and applications.

8. Scorpio: As Asia's biggest group of movers and shakers, the millennials are perfect examples of Scorpios' dynamism and ambition

Asia has the highest population of millennials, making up almost 60 percent of the global millennial population. Millennials are driven by flexibility and engagement. Companies have to re-examine and reinvent themselves to cater to the demands of this mobile-savvy generation. This means the ability to engage and communicate with them anytime, anywhere. With millennials, it is also all about experiences. Virtual and augmented realities will be prioritized as businesses will look to offer innovative experiences to speak to millennials who often have short attention spans.

9. Sagittarius: Freedom and flexibility are not just synonymous with Sagittarians: they also reflect our need for agility, security and intelligence in today's digital economy

More APAC senior executives are prepared for their organizations to undergo vast digital transformation in the next two years.  While they might be driven by the endless possibilities this digital transformation will bring, they are also well aware of getting the fundamentals right.

These fundamentals will include the need to have visibility into the infrastructure so as to deploy and manage application services more easily, a single platform that accommodates business needs and maximize operational efficiency.


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