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2020 Digital Horoscopes

Kunaciilan Nallappan, Senior Marketing Director, Asia Pacific, F5 Networks | Jan. 20, 2017
In foretelling the future of technology adoption and how it drives business transformation, F5 Networks pays homage to astrology and envisions twelve key predictions (horoscope readings) that define the new Asia digital economy.

Under-resourced and under-funded, their digital strategies will be challenged to keep up with the fast-paced Asian momentum. More so than ever, companies will need to ensure resource and infrastructure availability to support their digital strategies and engagements. cloud-based applications will emerge as a crucial tool that empowers the efficiencies of businesses and allows CIOs to be versatile in their efforts. By migrating to cloud, businesses' IT services can be managed centrally and maintained at a lower operating cost, as compared to spending security budgets on hiring a suite of specialty IT personnel to maintain a dedicated, locally-managed security infrastructure.

4. Cancer: Just like the assertive and intuitive Cancerian, companies in Asia will continue getting better at anticipating their customers' needs

Anticipating what customers need, when they need and what they need will be the new normal. Customer engagement will be basis of all technology adoptions and innovations which determines CIO's digital investment budgets.

Today, with the combination of digitally empowered consumers and always-on connectivity, customers' expectations for businesses have changed dramatically. Testament to this, research has shown that applications that fail to deliver a positive user experience risk losing about a third of their customer base for businesses in the region.

Businesses will have a unique opportunity to sustain competitive advantage when they understand that mobility and the application ecosystem are not only tools to drive innovation, but enablers of growth. In this regard, F5 has been working with companies here in Asia to ensure that they are empowered to navigate application delivery challenges to deliver seamless user experience and engagement.

5. Leo: Leos are natural born leaders: Asia's upcoming leadership bench will be increasingly involved in shaping IT decisions

With workplace digital strategies transforming all functions of business models, line of business (LOB) units will increasingly take a front seat in technology initiatives in the workplace as they become more involved with business process transformation. In fact according to IDC, close to half of worldwide corporate IT spending will be funded by non-IT business units by 2019.

As cloud platforms and application deployment become increasingly intertwined among Asian businesses, another key decision maker also emerges - app developers. With better alignment and knowledge on the end user experience, app developers will work more closely alongside LOB units in shaping a company's cloud decisions.

6. Virgo: In times of economic uncertainty, Virgos' qualities of intelligence and reliability will guide CIOs in balancing agility with prudence

Ranked 6th globally for innovation, there is a pressure for Asia to consistently evolve, innovate and push boundaries. The region's population growth aligned with emerging business segments indicate the need for companies to react and address business opportunities and needs.


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