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2016: The year the cloud conversation changes

Gerard Sillars, Vice President for Asia Pacific, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise | March 17, 2016
Back in 2008 Oracle's Larry Ellison said, "The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we've redefined cloud to include everything that we already do. The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women's fashion."

Cloud Will Mean Different Things to Different People

'Cloud' will take on new contextual meaning in different vertical markets. Take the hotel industry - communications as a service (CaaS) can be delivered and not just charged per day or month but charged per occupied room or night. In the education industry where enrolments can fluctuate - education institutions can leverage the cloud to align with their business model, with the payable amount depending on the number of enrolments per semester. With the evolution of the cloud and new business models, cloud vendors can share the risk with customers. This win-win solution is made possible by the cloud economy.

The conversation around cloud has no beginning and no end. As the cloud has so far been fluid and adaptive, it is hard to make a prediction on how we will discuss and define the cloud in 2016. What's certain is that change will be a constant with the cloud and there will be a constant evolution of how we discuss the cloud.

When selling the cloud, the conversation would be one on how the cloud can be aligned to the customer's business needs. In 2016, ALE predicts that vendors will not be competing based on the innovations they developed, but more on their relationships with customers - how to best understand customers' needs, pain points and provide the best return on investments. 


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