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2016: The year of convergence in loyalty commerce

Guy Deslandes, E-Commerce Sales Directorat Collinson Latitude | Feb. 4, 2016
Guy Deslandes of Collinson Latitude shares three trends that brands need to take into consideration for their loyalty programmes.

Brands will also look to boost engagement with loyalty programmes by making reward points easier to redeem.This might be by promoting new redemption opportunities such as 'topping up' points with cash, called for by 62 percent of Singaporean consumers in our research .Or it might be through unifying the earning and redemption of points in a single online loyalty marketplace, giving consumers more access to points within a more integrated and unified e-commerce experience.

Taking personalisation to the next level
Consumers have become accustomed in recent years to sophisticatedly personalised online services. The likes of Amazon and ASOS have led the way, impressing with the relevance of their content and product recommendations. Many targeting techniques based on demographic markers and transaction histories have been transplanted from e-commerce and direct marketing into loyalty programmes to help create relevantly personalised experiences for consumers.In 2016, brands will take personalisation to the next level to develop a more nuanced picture of customers as individuals.

Brands will start tailoring offers not only according to consumers' social groups, past purchases, browsing behaviour, or interactions with marketing emails, but also according to their loyalty points balance, how recently or frequently they have been active, and their tendency to 'top up' points with cash. This tighter integration of personalisation into the loyalty process should make rewards more affordable and accessible.

Contextualised personalisation will also use additional information to present consumers with the most relevant inventory in the most accessible format. The type of device a consumer is using will help brands serve the best-optimised version of their loyalty mall, while weather and location data will dictate what inventory is pushed to the dynamic storefront, making it more likely that consumers will see products they want or need at the time.


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