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2015 Predictions: Mobile Security

Joseph Green, Vice President, Systems Engineering, APAC, Palo Alto Networks | Jan. 2, 2015
Looking to the year ahead, Joseph Green of Palo Alto Networks see a number of signs that indicate a shift in the ways that organisations approach mobile security. Here are some of his predictions as to how mobile security will change in 2015.

3. Less is More with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
Wait a minute, isn't more is more? Not with EMM, because the more you apply, the less your users will like it.  Unfortunately, that's the challenge with thinking inside the box. If your only option for stopping threats is removing the application that can access the threat, then you're left with removing functionality as the only way to solve security issues.

But in 2015, I think that the smart customer is going to think of more than EMM. In fact, they are going to skip a beat in the evolutionary chain. When faced with emerging security threats, the normal response is to rack and stack new security solutions on top of existing infrastructure. It's like buying a fast food value meal, buy more and get more, even though in the end it's still junk food.

That's why the next step in EMM is not more EMM.  It's also not going to be EMM plugged into other security solutions. The smart play is to evaluate all security needs and see what could be done when looking at mobile security requirements as a whole. That includes managing mobile devices, protecting mobile devices from threats, protecting your networks from bad devices, and most importantly, making sure your data is safe.


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