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2015: Enroute to a hyper-connected world

Wong Heng Chew, President, Fujitsu Singapore | Feb. 24, 2015
In 2015, opportunities for individuals and businesses are expected to be plentiful as Singapore continues to pave the way towards becoming a Smart Nation.

However, recent cybersecurity breaches in Singapore have raised doubts about the ability of businesses to protect the information they have been privy to. More will need to be done to build businesses' security capabilities and, in so doing, instill the level of confidence necessary for a hyper-connected world.

Envisioning a Hyper-Connected World
Imagine this: A motorist has gotten involved in a traffic accident during rush hour and is badly injured. Without having anyone to call for help, a sensor in his motorbike has already detected the impact and sounded the alert at the nearest emergency center to dispatch an ambulance to its exact location. A wearable device on the motorist continues to send constant readings of his heart rate and blood pressure to the paramedics who are on their way. Traffic sensors built throughout the country notifies the ambulance driver of the fastest way to get to the injured motorist and to the nearest hospital with staff and facilities on standby. The city's traffic management system monitors the ambulance position and changes traffic lights to its favor. When the motorist arrives, healthcare professionals have already been notified of the motorist's condition andready to perform the necessary emergency procedures. This saves minutes for the injured motorist, which could mean life or death in a critical situation.

The above scenario paints a possible picture of a truly Smart Nation, or what we commonly refer to as a Human Centric Intelligent Society, where society operates in a manner that benefits the people living in it.

This example demonstrates how innovation (in built sensors and wearable devices) was made sensible, most probably by data scientists, and put into actionable insights. We also saw the value of digital ecosystems, where different sectors (government, transportation and healthcare) worked together to help the injured motorist. At the same time, security remains essential as much of the data exchanged in this scenario would have been highly sensitive. Building an intelligent society demands secure connectivity.

With these conditions met, the days to realising the full potential of a hyper-connected world will not be too far ahead. 


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