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CIO Conference & Awards 2011
8 March 2011 (Tuesday), Fairmont Singapore

Time Event
8.30am Registration, networking breakfast and showcase discovery
9:00am Welcome Address
Mr Ross O. Storey, FBM Asia's Managing Editor & Editor of CIO Asia
9:10am Key-note presentation:

"As Goods Flow, So Must Information"

With single supply chains located across multiple locations and goods speeding across the world, from manufacturing hubs in Asia to end-consumers in the US, Europe and Africa in today's global economy, there is a growing demand for better information flows and visibility of goods in the supply chain. Richard Owens discusses where the market is heading in terms of how organisations use and transmit information both internally and externally, focusing specifically on the need to facilitate the creation of interfaces between 3PL systems and customers' ERP systems and the increasing drive towards zero inventory levels requiring fast, accurate information and speed of order fulfillment.

Mr. Richard Owens, CEO, Global Customer Solutions, DHL Asia Pacific
9:40am Aligning Business Goals through Intelligent Network

Businesses today all rely on robust network infrastructure to run a web of business applications. The capability to manage networks intelligently can give enterprises competitive advantage. Network reliability, flexibility and efficiency have become major concerns for CXOs.

This session discuss best practice principles for designing, planning, building, maintaining and managing your enterprise's network infrastructure.

Dr Ispran Kandasamy, Vice President Sales, Enterprise Asia Pacific, CommScope Enterprise Solutions Division
10:10am "Data Centre Means Business"

Data centres are the heart of any business and as we automate more and more business systems, IT is pressured to ensure business is enabled. All too often though, businesses can feel constrained by the capabilities of their information technology (IT) and supporting infrastructure.

This presentation explores key areas of focus for the future data centre and will stimulate thinking on how to enable high performance, quick deployment and easy to operate through change, be scalable and adaptable to support business growth, and how to leverage innovative solutions. In such a competitive world any outage in the data centre creates service disruptions, lost revenue and market reputation.

Mr. David Blumanis, Vice President, Regional Data Centre Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan, APC by Schneider Electric
10:40am Morning refreshments and showcase discovery
11:00am Special Segment: CIO AWARDS 2011
Awarding the 5 most outstanding organisations from the 100 Index
11:30am Award Winners Panel Discussion
5 CXOs/project heads from the winning organisations
12:00pm Lunch presentation: "Managed Services Contributes to Business Bottom line"

As technology becomes more complex, there is a growing demand for enterprises to adopt cloud computing to take advantage of greater external expertise. Discover why the cloud and a managed services approach are becoming more popular as Asia enterprises look to trustworthy solution providers to manage more IT resources and functions. With their expertise and commitment, managed services providers can build high-bandwidth data connectivity as well as being able to comprehensively monitor network performance, enabling the enterprise to focus more on key business goals and profit.

Mr. Eddie Chia, Director, Enterprise Business Development, CITIC Telecom International CPC (Singapore)
1:15pm Educating IT Professionals for Business IT Alignment

So, how do you shape IT professionals to be business oriented, consultative, and to think and act in ways that demonstrate that are well aligned with "the business" side of their internal organisations or customers? You can't just tell IT professionals to "be more aligned to the business." That won't help. You need to immerse people in experiences and examples that show how this is done, without even necessarily saying this is what is happening.

Based on compelling examples from the SMU School of Information Systems programmes, this presentation will provide insights into how we can shape fresh graduates and working professionals into IT professionals who are well aligned with the business environments they work within.

Dr Steven Miller, Dean, School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University and Professor of Information Systems (Practice)
1:45pm IT Strategy to Tackle Business Security Threats & Vulnerabilities

"Almost half the financial sector workers in London and New York say they would take sensitive company information with them if they were fired" Reuters, 23 Nov 2010 "VoIP sellers suffers more than $1.4 million in losses with 10 million minutes of hacking" Computerworld, 24 Sep 2010 "U.K. Web hoster, customers scramble after attack deletes 100,000 sites"
Computerword, 10 Jun 2009

Even the most sophisticated countries and organisations are not spared from the vulnerabilities of security attacks!

Increasingly, organisations are under tremendous pressure to tackle one of the most daunting and burning challenges - Security. Whether it is at the process, data, software, hardware or physical levels, security is a critical issue among CxOs.
Why? The consequences of security breach are immeasurable! The losses are multi-dimensional - monetary, reputation, credibility and trust! How do you overcome these exposures?

Discover the strategy and key solutions to help you address business security threats in this session.

Mr. Director, Professional Services, ICT Solutions Business, Hitachi Asia

2:15pm Document Management Solutions should put IT tools into the hands of the business line to manage

Businesses drive content production from the office floor. This has been uncoordinated, followed paper based business processes, encouraging information silos and producing document chaos. Intelledox's simple to use tools put control of document generation and template management into the hands of the business line itself to provide harmony in content creation.

Topics will include:
- The pain of content creation today
- Case studies of companies that have achieved content harmony
- How to achieve harmony
- The Intelledox challenge

Mr. Michael Puckridge, Solution Specialist, Intelledox
2:45pm Panel discussion / Q&A Session
All speakers, including sponsor speakers, moderated by Ross O. Storey
3:05pm Afternoon refreshments and showcase discovery
3:20pm Special Segment: THE GREAT DEBATE Proposition:
CIOs are now true business technologists properly valued by their enterprises.

Panelists: Affirmative Team

1. Mr. Victor Keong, Partner, KPMG Advisory LLP
2. Mr. Lee Kee Siang, Director, InfoComm Division, National Library Board
3. Mr. Marcelo De Santis, Director, Information Systems Asia Pacific, Kraft Foods
4. Mr. Wai Mun Heng, Director, Asia Pacific, Savvis

Negative Team

1. Mr. Jayesh Easwaramony, Vice President, ICT Practice, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan
2. Mr. Steve Lee, CIO & Director, Technology, Changi Airport Group / Treasurer of the IT Management Association (ITMA)
3. Mr. Waleed Hanafi, Senior Vice President - Chief Information Officer, Global Blue
4. Dr. Ispran Kandasamy, Vice President Sales, Enterprise Asia Pacific, CommScope Enterprise Solutions Division


Proposition: "CIOs are now true business technologists properly valued by their enterprises."

- Mr Jayesh Easwaramony, Vice President, ICT Practice, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan
- Mr Lee Kee Siang, Director, InfoComm Division, National Library Board
- Mr Victor Keong, Executive Director, Performance & Technology, KPMG Singapore
- Mr Steve Lee, CIO and Director, Technology, Changi Airport Group
- Dr Vijay Sethi, Professor - Department of Information Technology and Operations Management, Nanyang Business School, NTU
- Dr Ispran Kandasamy, Vice President Sales, Enterprise Asia Pacific, CommScope Enterprise Solutions Division

4:45pm Lucky Draw - followed by Debate Result Announcement
5:00pm End of Programme
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