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Today's CIO better know what's in a name

More than ever, CIOs need to be out among the people – and not just IT people. We’re talking marketing, HR, finance, sales. Of course, meeting these business colleagues can backfire if you can’t remember their names. Here are some pointers to help you master this underrated leadership skill.

2014: The year in quotes

From rattled airline passengers who fear the coming of smartphones to jurors who don't know a smartphone from a tablet, here are some of the colorful quotes from IT news in 2014.

IT leaders: pitchers or catchers?

In pro baseball, the catcher signals the pitcher how to throw the ball. Similarly, IT needs to inspire lines of business to make the right choices, or they will be left to deal with the curveballs sent their way.

Apple and IBM reveal 10 iOS apps that aim to change the way you work

The way banks, airlines, wireless carriers, and even governments do business could soon change if Apple and IBM have anything to say about it. The two companies now have 10 apps designed to streamline business operations behind the scenes, which may lead to better service for the rest of us.